Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sweet Sixteen • Party Clothes

After having a "sweet sixteen", I've been thinking of my ideal party outfits. 
To my party, I wore a crochet crop top (like this one). I'm loving crocheted necklines right now. I also wore high waisted khaki chino trousers. Wish I took pictures, I should have. 

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Crop tops are perfect party apparel. Gotta always pair a crop top with something high waisted when it's not the summer season. Love these high waisted leathery shorts. 

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This is more of a casual party outfit, still using a crop top and high waisted bottom. Sneaker wedges are so cute and chic... looooove. 

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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Layering One Solid Color • Crayola Clothes

Allude Spring-Summer 2013
raw umber  • cornflower  • black

A single color can display your feelings and/or show your unique inclination to color. Approaching the year 2013, fashion, and many other aspects of life, are becoming more and more futuristic. To dress in one solid color, with a different range of textures, (lace, knitwear, silks, etc) shows an extremely innovative aesthetic. Innovation is key to fashion. Allude label's ready to wear collection for spring-summer 2013 perfectly displayed the concept of the layering a single color. I found all of the pieces to be innovative classics of the future.

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It's difficult to mirror shades with greens, but most greens find a way to agree with one another. By matching greens with yellow or blue tones, it's easier to find an analog.

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Neutrals are faultless, in every way. They are easy to match, easy to wear, easy to find. Ease can be relevant, too.
7 8 9 
When layering the same color with neutrals, varying the shading can create a more dynamic look.